Foundation for Education of Russian Children Living in Puerto Rico / Fundación Rusorriqueña Pro-Educación / ФОНД ПОДДЕРЖКИ РУССКОЙ КУЛЬТУРЫ И ОБРАЗОВАНИЯ ДЛЯ УСЫНОВЛЕННЫХ ДЕТЕЙ И ДЕТЕЙ РOССИЙСКОЙ ДИАСПОРЫ

Foundation for Education of Russian Children Living in Puerto Rico, a non-profit organization, was established in 2004 to unite Russian and Puerto Rican families with Russian kids to help our children learn more about their multi-cultural roots and help all of us learn more about each other's culture and language. It aims to serve as a support network for Puerto Rican families who adopted children in Russia as well as for Russian families whose children are growing up in Puerto Rico. The Foundation's members are a diverse group, representing, in addition to Russia and Puerto Rico, other countries of the former Soviet Union. For more information, please contact Caridad Sierra / Ramon Luis Perez, co-founders of the Foundation (, tel (787) 399-0133), or Laura Alvarez-Salgado ( Please click on documents below to learn more about the organization.


Russian Ambassador to the United States, His Excellency Sergey Ivanovich Kislyak, Ambassador's wife, Mrs. Natalia Mikhailovna Kislyak, and the former Honorary Consul of the Russian Federation in Puerto Rico, Anastasia Pavlovna Kitsul, meeting with the members of the Foundation for Education of Russian Children Living in Puerto Rico, an association of Russian families living in Puerto Rico and local families who adopted children in Russia.   January 2010

Foundation's Mission Statement (In Spanish and the latest version in English).  Need Adobe Acrobat to access these documents.
Newsletters - June 2006 (In Spanish). Need Adobe Acrobat to access document.
Events - The Foundation organizes yearly event for the children during Russian Orthadox Christmas time (around January 7th).  Please contact Laura Alvarez-Salgado ( if you are interested in helping to organize or attending the next upcoming event.  Please refer to June'06 Newsletter for description of Jan'06 "Elka" event and to the Russian Community link of this website to see more photos of this event.  Please click here to find more information and background on the Jan'07 event (In Spanish).
Invitation Letter and Joining Instructions - If you are thinking of joining, please read this invitation letter (In Spanish) and/or send us the information below. You can designate it as private (only for the purposes of contacting you with future invitations) or public (to be shared with other members of the Foundation in a form of our own internal directory).
  1. Names of the parents 
  2. Names of the children and birth dates
  3. Postal address
  4. Phone numbers
  5. Email
  6. Key reason for why you would like to join the Foundation

Please send this information via email to:  Note that there is a $50 annual membership fee.

- Please click here to check the Notes and the Presentation from the August'06 meeting.
- Please click here to check the Notes from September 26, 2007 planning meeting.
Please contact Laura Alvarez-Salgado ( for more information.