Welcome to the Russo-Rican Community Website, the online resource for Russian-speakers living in Puerto Rico and residents of Puerto Rico who are interested in all things Russian! / Bienvenidos a la página Internet de la Comunidad Rusorriqueña, un recurso para ruso hablantes quienes se encuentran en Puerto Rico y los residentes de Puerto Rico interesados en aprender más sobre Rusia! / Добро пожаловать на страницу интернета Русо-риканской Общины, сделанную для русскоговорящих людей, которые живут в Пуэрто-Рико и жителей Пуэрто-Рико, которые интересуются Россией!

Here you will find Russian resources, Russian services, news of the Russian speaking community and information about Russia-related organizations and upcoming events.  The best way to get in touch with the Russian community is by calling Anastasia Kitsul, the former Honorary Consul of the Russian Federation in Puerto Rico at (787) 315-0419.  Russian community generally holds two events per year - Russian Christmas Tree Event or "Elka" for kids on/around January 7th (Russian Christmas date or "Rozhdestvo") and we sometimes participate in the multi-cultural festival and parade in August, held in the town of Lares.  We also hold a few impromptu gatherings per year, usually in Old San Juan, so please get on Anastasia's email list (kitsul@rutrex.com) if you want to hear about those.  It would be lovely to have you join any of our festivities, as we welcome anyone who speaks Russian, has been to Russia or has an interest in Russia, Russians, Russian food, former Soviet Union etc.  

We estimate there is about 50 Russian speakers on the island of Puerto Rico, most of whom came forward upon learning about existence of the former Russian Honorary Consul Anastasia due to the highly televised case of Russian child's adoption in 2004.  We have a fairly diverse community here, including UPR professors, former Moscow Gymnastics star and former Circus member.  We have moscovites, Georgians, Kazakhs and Dominicans who have studied at Moscow State University.  Many are married to Puerto Ricans.  Please visit the Russian Community link to learn more about the members of Russo-rican community and see pictures of events we have held in the past.

There are also around 50 Puerto Rican families who have chosen to adopt children from all over Russia.  These dedicated parents have gathered together to form Russo-rican Education Foundation (Fundación Rusorriqueña Pro-Educación) to network and help their children grow up multicultural.     If you are interested in learning more, please be sure to check the link leading to the Fundación Rusorriqueña Pro-Educación.

If you are a Puerto Rican company thinking of exploring the Russian and former Soviet Union states' markets or a Russian company interested in investing in Puerto Rico, be sure to check the Doing Business link to learn more.  We can put you in touch with people and organizations who can help.   We can also guide the Russian companies who are interested in marketing their services or importing their goods to Puerto Rico.

Look forward to meeting you!

Russian Yellow Pages in Puerto Rico


Centro Cultural Ruso/Russian Cultural Center - Puerto Rico
Non-Profit Organization
facebook:  Centro Cultural Ruso/Russian Cultural Center - Puerto Rico



RuTrex Puerto Rico, Inc. - Specializing in tourism exchange between Russia and Puerto Rico, consulting and language services. Anastasia Kitsul, President.

Tel. (787) 315-0419

Russian Legal Services - offering legal counsel in litigation (civil and criminal law), corporate and international private law.   Lic. Jose Antonio Lopez Rodriguez represented Honorary Consul of the Russian Federation in 2003/4 child custody case (el caso del niño ruso).

Tel. (787) 466-2000

La Iglesia Rusa Ortodoxa - Mision Ortodoxa de San Espiridion.  Cada domingo a las 9:30am.  Contact Grace for more information as to location.

Website: click here

Traveling to Vieques, Puerto Rico?  Stay at Lazy Hostel or visit Lazy Jack's bar and pizzeria, a relaxed place to hang out after beach or bio bay, both managed by fellow Russian, Natalia.